Paper Restoration

Our Work

Original Picasso etching. 20th century.

Top row: Authentic Picasso etching before conservation. There are strongly visible marks evident around the entire work.

Bottom row: documentation post-conservation. Using safe chemical treatments and special bathing procedures, the stained paper marks were carefully eliminated and the original perception of the work was restored.

Residence Etching. Oil on canvas. 19th century.

On left: Before conservation. Numerous losses, tears, and stains occupied the entire surface of the work. The work was also attached to an inadequate support that had to be removed and replaced.

On right: After conservation. The paper was treated with safe chemicals to remove all stains. Paper losses were filled with special Japanese tissue paper, and tears were removed by reconstructing the structure. Finally, the etching was reattached to an appropriate support to strengthen the work.


Etching on paper. 20th century.

On left: Before conservation. There were numerous creases and stains that disrupted the visual perception of the work.

On right: After conservation. All creases and stains were removed.